All American Carts covering the entire State of California. 


These Stores need to be Called or Emailed Directly for Shopping Cart Retrieval Service

  • Shopping Cart Retrieval for these stores: Food Maxx, Lucky’s, Save Mart, Maxx Value can only be retrieved by calling (209) 548-6515 Ext. 5500


  • Shopping Cart Retrieval for Target Stores can only be retrieved by Emailing   [email protected]


  • Shopping Cart Retrieval for Safeway Stores, Von’s, Albertson’s, can only be retrieved by calling Shelby Brooks at (925) 226-5324


Click button below to request a Pickup:

Very Important to list the name of the store carts belong to. For an abandoned shopping cart location please enter the specific address cart could be found and the store shopping cart belongs to.

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Lost shopping carts? Need retrieval?

For Abandoned Carts or Inventory, Loss Prevention contact All American today. Let All American be your cart-retrieval service provider. Call All American shopping cart retrieval service and we will give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. Contact us today. Your customers are too important to wait.
Call (800) 913-5639 or email [email protected].

Please click on blue click here button if you would like a quote for cart pickup or if you are interested in applying for a job. Thank you.